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Andrea Collier

Andrea Collier

Andrea King Collier is a freelance journalist and author with a focus on health and health policy. She is also a past Food and Community Policy Fellow. Her book Still With Me... A Daughter's Journey of Love and Loss was published by Simon and Schuster. Her book Black Woman's Guide to Black Men' s Health with co-author Willarda Edwards, M.D., was published by Warner Wellness.

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The measurements of childhood obesity go beyond the scales, the doctors’ offices, and health care dollars. Overweight and obese children are underperforming in the classroom and on standardized tests. The support of policies and funding that would improve the health outcomes for 30 percent of our school aged children would help to elevate test scores, graduation rates and overall academic performance.

Educators, policymakers and government officials have been working tirelessly to improve the academic achievement of America’s children at the local, state and national level. Yet drastic budget cuts, larger classroom sizes, a shortage of quality teachers and a failing physical infrastructure of aging school buildings all contribute to the challenges faced when addressing the improvement of our children’s academic success. There is no one size fits all solution for this very big problem.